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Many problems in the basketball shoes - [flatfoot]
What are the indicators of copyright notice: the form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information and this statement evaluate the performance of basketball shoes is good or bad, to wear when I found the middle of the duck tongue pressure in the laces under the arch ankle hard. how to wear the most comfortable? how to maintain it, how to clean it? please enlighten me! shoes for foot exist, except to say which shoes are right for you, rather than a good pair of shoes, a pair of poor, it is just you personally, in order to wear comfortable shoes, we must first understand their own feet and look at their feet flat feet or Height, or general, or sports, so advantageous to buy the shoes you make good choices, of course, a pair of shoes to try on is also very important, not only test the size, the best two have put on more than a few steps away, the only shoes in the end suitable for you. As for the cleaning of each fabric shoes are not the same washing method, to buy time to ask the clerk on the line. The skin will not work. The design of basketball shoes to the extent to protect the feet, so that comfort will be some contradictions. 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